Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello Everybody.
My name is Patrick Callaway. I used this blog account for a previous pop culture class and decided to re-activate it for this semester's course. I currently live in Prescott, yet have plans to move this summer to Austin, Texas. I just finished reading "Junky" by William S. Burroughs. I had heard that he was a great writer and this particular book was one of his best. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that doesn't enjoy a slightly disturbing read, yet, he is a great writer. I enjoy playing music with friends and recently decided to take up home brewing. I have a batch going right now that I'm really excited to try in a couple weeks. I'm going for my associate of arts degree right now and hopefully this will be my last semester with the exception of one summer class. 

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  1. That is great about Austin. My oldest daughter lives there!